ITR Testimonials

  • Canote Group, Principal

    April 25, 2018
    Thank you, Alan, for your wit, charm, and levity in your presentation. I always thought economists were boring, but glad to see I was wrong.

  • Massachusetts Staffing Association, Director of Operations

    April 24, 2018
    Catherine was an amazing and engaging speaker who really knows and understands the pulse of the staffing industry. She was an irreplaceable addition to our conference and thankful she was a part of our day!

  • Schneider Electric, Forecast Business Process Owner

    April 23, 2018
    Schneider Electric has really enjoyed working with ITR Economics for the delivery of our EVP Flex™ Format Forecast. The information provided is succinct and useful for understanding the logic behind the forecast and any associated changes. We really appreciate the comparisons to key leading...

  • Schaedler Yesco Distribution, Regional Vice President

    April 18, 2018
    I spent today with some of central Pennsylvania’s finest business leaders at the 2018 Vistage Executive Summit. Among the speakers was Alex Chausovsky, ITR Economics Senior Consulting Advisor, who updated us on economic trends and how to recognize and capitalize on opportunities. It was a great...

  • Hardwood Manufacturers Association, Executive Vice President

    April 13, 2018
    Many thanks for your excellent presentation at HMA's recent National Conference & Expo. As always, the information was extremely well-received, on point, and hit home to everyone in this room. And the 'subtle' humor is always an extra bonus!

  • Vistage, Chair

    March 13, 2018
    My groups have had 4 ITR speakers over the last 10 years. This last month I needed a speaker on short notice because of a cancellation and Rachel Bishop recommended a new ITR speaker, Lauren Saidel-Baker. The two presentations she did for my groups were the first two she had done after her pro bono...

  • Air Conditioning Contractors of America, President and CEO

    February 27, 2018
    Connor is an engaging speaker who is able to present a tremendous amount of economic data in a light-hearted and meaningful way. His mainstage event at ACCA’s Annual Conference provided HVAC contractors with a medium-term economic outlook enabling them to prepare their businesses for the changes...

  • Pet Industry Distributors Association, President

    February 14, 2018
    His presentation is always a highlight of the event. ITR has such a solid track record of forecast accuracy that he has instant credibility. Just as important, Brian is a master of weaving together different economic indicators to give the audience solid advice in a way that is understandable and...

  • Vice President of Sales, Major Automation Provider

    February 13, 2018
    Alex had our audience of nearly 400 very engaged with a nice mix of humor, future economic insights and learning tools that everyone can take back to their business, territory or sales region. We really appreciate how he customized the slides for our key markets as well. We learned a lot and look...

  • Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce, Vice President of Strategic Partnerships and Programs

    January 31, 2018
    I had the chance to sit in for the duration of Catherine's presentation, and found her not only very accessible, but energetic and so well-spoken. Looking forward to the opportunity to partner again in the future.