ITR Testimonials

  • Shop!, Executive Director

    December 4, 2018
    I am happy to have my feedback shared. Alex is a key draw for us each year because he has a gift of making a difficult subject easy to understand. His presentations are interesting and insightful. Our members are able to take Alex’s information back home and put it to use in running their...

  • Mobile Reach, President

    December 3, 2018
    I was very impressed by Connor's presentation, especially his (relatively) easy to understand explanations of economic market forces. He is a very confident and engaging speaker who is able to keep his audience engaged and instill information that actually sticks with you well beyond the date of...


    November 14, 2018
    Alan consistently draws record crowds to his STAFDA workshop. His session is always informative, relatable, entertaining, and accurate! He also writes Quarterly Advisories for us and presents a mid-year webinar to keep our members’ pulse on current and emerging economic trends. Alan is one of...

  • Vistage Member

    November 13, 2018
    Brian's presentation was outstanding, great solid info and how to use it. Always appreciate the Beaulieu Bros always hit a home run!!!

  • MPIF, Executive Director/CEO

    November 13, 2018
    Alex has a great stage presence and hit the presentation running. He fielded questions quickly and accurately. His delivery was spot-on and he added some great personal stories that made you feel like you were having an individual discussion with only him. And the attendees were blown away from...

  • Knox Machinery, President

    November 13, 2018
    Alan, great job yesterday, as always – now that I have that information I will begin my strategic planning for next year…I hate hearing that this incredible wave we have been riding has crested, but I will definitely begin to prepare for the lull before the next surge!

  • MPIF, Executive Director/CEO

    November 5, 2018
    Thanks for a great presentation in San Diego, Alex! You had a lot of the members talking about what we can expect and everyone thought that you gave the best presentation. We especially enjoyed the rodeo story!

  • Hermitage Lighting

    October 12, 2018
    Brian, I must tell you that you are absolutely one of the most engaging and knowledgeable speakers that we have ever had on economics. I am going to invest in with both feet and then clear the decks in 2028. I don’t want to be behind you. Your mix on humor and knowledge makes for an incredible time...

  • Gaska Tape Inc, Business Development Analyst

    October 9, 2018
    Alex, I wanted to reiterate how much I enjoyed your presentation last Wednesday at Notre Dame. The rate of change and monthly moving totals portion was very eye opening and I will put those principles to use in my job.

  • Ovation Leadership, President

    October 4, 2018
    Excellent presentation yesterday. I found more great nuggets for both myself and my clients. I love the connection you have with the audience, and how they wait on every slide and your stories that make it alive for them. For me, your slide “preparing for the future” rang with me all day...