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Executive Vantage Point™ Programs

Our Executive Vantage Point™ consulting programs are helping hundreds of business owners, executives, and management personnel in their decision-making processes. With these programs, you can identify how the overall economy and industry markets are impacting your company, and what strategic decisions you should make to maximize profitability in any phase of the business cycle. EVP reaches across management tiers to deliver proven Management Objectives™ - it's no wonder businesses everywhere use these powerful, customizable programs!

Values provided:

  • Identify positive and negative risks to your business
  • Understand coming demand for your business
  • Know where to focus your marketing initiatives
  • Direct your sales efforts to the markets that provide the most opportunity
  • Know coming trends for key industries before your competitors
  • See your company’s sales outlook based on normal business conditions
  • Create a roadmap based on accurate analysis and forecasting
  • Receive expert advice from a team of economists
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Program includes:

  • 12- to 18-month outlook of company’s upcoming cyclical turning points
  • Data & charts of company’s current position in the market
  • Company’s top 5-7 macro and micro leading indicators
  • Management suggestions for maximizing profitability
  • Each delivery includes webinar with ITR economist to review report
  • 3-year company revenue forecast
  • Monthly ITR Trends Report™ subscription for in-depth market analysis & forecasts
  • Corresponding Leading Indicator forecasts from Trends Report to compare to sales
  • Year-round access to economist


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Program includes:

  • All the features of the EVP Flex™
  • 3-year forecast of your Total Market Mix


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Program includes:

  • All the features of the EVP 360™
  • Insider™ subscription
    • 3-year macroeconomic forecast dashboard
    • Topical webinars
    • Economic newsletter
  • DataCast Pro™ subscription
    • Compare your data to our robust database of 10,000 leader indicators
    • Identify markets of opportunity and risk
    • Analyze performance using Business Cycle Phases
  • Quarterly onsite visits
  • Exclusive access to special-edition webinars with ITR Economics' CEO Brian Beaulieu and President Alan Beaulieu


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Since 1948, we have provided business leaders with economic information, insight, analysis, and strategy. ITR Economics is the oldest privately held, continuously operating economic research and consulting firm in the US. With a knowledge base that spans six decades, we have an uncommon understanding of long-term economic trends as well as best practices ahead of changing market conditions. Our reputation is built on accurate, independent, and objective analysis.