Trade Association Services

Alliance Powered by DataCast™

Values Provided

  • Understand events impacting each member company
  • Increase Your members’ internal forecasting accuracy
  • Assist your members with marketing initiatives
  • Benchmark individual members' internal success against the market

Alliance Powered by DataCast™ is a data-analysis tool you can offer as an added value with membership in your organization! Alliance puts your members in the driver’s seat, where they plot their company data against the datasets you purchase for your Alliance program, specifically tailored for your trade association. This real-time experience will give your members a clearer view of where their business fits within their specific markets and the overall economy.

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Values Provided

  • Benchmark your members' performance against industry trends
  • Identify leading indicators specific to your members and industry
  • Understand the impact other markets are having on your segment of the industry
  • Understand the impact macroeconomic trends will have on your industry

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