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ITR Economics™ is happy to provide business owners and thought leaders of Texas with our various economic services. As the number of companies increases in this state, so does demand for our consulting. At ITR Economics, providing the best economic intelligence is our main objective. Since 1948, we have been reducing risk and driving practical and profitable decisions.


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Featured Service: Speaking Engagements

With more than 200 keynotes a year presented to over 15,000 executives, it’s no wonder the ITR Economics’ speakers have a 97% ask-back rate! Texas attendees will leave with easy-to-apply answers, strategies specific to them, and insightful recommendations. Change the course of your business with an ITR speaker today!

"Connor is an engaging speaker who is able to present a tremendous amount of economic data in a light-hearted and meaningful way. ACCA looks forward to working with him and ITR at future events, and we always welcome his wit and wisdom!"

-Paul T. Stalknecht, President and CEO, Air Conditioning Contractors of America