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ITR Economics™ is happy to provide business owners and thought leaders of Ohio with our various economic services. As the number of companies increases in this state, so does demand for our consulting. At ITR Economics, providing the best economic intelligence is our main objective. Since 1948, we have been reducing risk and driving practical and profitable decisions.


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Featured Service: Timing Model™

Produced specifically for your company, Timing Modelis a reliable, 12- to 18-month qualitative sales outlook that will help you develop a sales forecast to assist in all your business planning.

As soon as our economists receive your revenue data, they analyze it alongside thousands of leading indicators, identifying the segments of the economy that drive your business.

Upon completion of this intensive data alignment and timing analysis, you will receive a report identifying the top five to seven indicators specific to your company. With this information, we provide suggestions tailored to both your current position in the economy and our projections for the future, enabling you to maximize profits as well as prepare for any downward trends.