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ITR Economics™ is happy to provide business owners and thought leaders of Michigan with our various economic services. As the number of companies increases in this state, so does demand for our consulting. At ITR Economics, providing the best economic intelligence is our main objective. Since 1948, we have been reducing risk and driving practical and profitable decisions.


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Featured Service: Monthly Webinars & Recordings

ITR's monthly webinars feature a 60-minute presentation with our expert economists. You can expect up-to-the minute updates on the economy or industry trends, as well as topical information covering current news and events affecting the global economy. Webinars also feature Management Objectives™ – with explanation – that may be employed in particular industries to increase the likelihood of success. Additionally, attendees have the opportunity to ask questions and receive immediate answers from the presenter. Can't make the live presentation? Recordings are available for purchase within 48 hours following the live webinar. And if you're a current ITR Insider™ subscriber, those webinar recordings are included in your subscription for no additional cost!

"Taylor St. Germain from ITR Economics gave a 90-minute economic forecast presentation via webinar for our recent annual Leadership Retreat. Taylor’s apolitical and objective point of view made for a very balanced and productive meeting. Taylor’s perspective was untainted by the trends and expectations specific to our industry, as he presented an overall market and economic outlook that could apply broadly to all industries and offered a well-researched and analyzed macro-level view of what to expect from our economy over both the short and long term. The data helped support our planning and strategy for the coming fiscal year."

-Mike LaRosa, Chief Operating Officer of Florida Agency Network