Market Forecasting

About Market Forecasting

Very often, as your industry goes, so goes your business. That’s why ITR Economics is constantly compiling statistics and relevant data for more than 900 industries—from paper products to metal fabrication to information technology to electrical equipment to wholesale trade to the medical industry.

We follow key trends and assess fluctuating market conditions to give our clients a clearer view of where their industries are headed and the accompanying risks and opportunities for their companies along the way.

"Economic forecasts can scare the dickens out of entrepreneurs, but you graciously provided an economic road map that makes the future a little less scary or at least, a little more predictable." -George De Marco, ESX Chairman

Where will your Market Forecast lead your business?

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Values Provided

  • Enhance your competitive advantage
  • Identify markets of potential growth opportunity
  • Assess your performance relative to your market
  • Prepare for coming turns in your industry