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ITR Economics™ is happy to provide business owners and thought leaders of Florida with our various economic services. As the number of companies increases in this state, so does demand for our consulting. At ITR Economics, providing the best economic intelligence is our main objective. Since 1948, we have been reducing risk and driving practical and profitable decisions.


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Featured Service: Market-Specific Forecasting

With our 94.7% forecast accuracy, ITR Economics' Market-Specific Forecasting provides foresight for most industries and regions. This comprehensive reporting is an excellent tool for inventory management, materials procurement, and contract bidding, as accurate forecasts can directly impact your bottom line. We follow vital trends and fluctuating market conditions to give you a clearer picture of where your industry is headed and your company's prospects.

“Thank you for your guidance and council as it is having a significant part in shaping our business for generations to come!”

-King Technology