EVP Flex Promotion

ITR Economics EVP Flex™ Promotion

EVP Flex Promotion

For a limited time, ITR Economics is offering our most popular consultative service, EVP Flex™, at an exclusive price!

EVP Flex is helping hundredsof business owners, directors, and management personnel in their decision-making processes. In our mission to provide the best economic intelligence available, we are reducing the price of our company forecasting program for a savings of $1,000! EVP Flex reaches across management tiers to deliver proven Management Objectives™ - it's no wonder businesses everywhere use this powerful tool.

Values Provided:

  • Increase your competitive advantage
  • Identify your position in your market
  • Find markets for growth
  • Benchmark your success
  • Know when to hire
  • Know when to build inventory
  • Prepare for coming economic changes

Program Includes:

  • Access to expert economist for consulting throughout the year
  • Twelve-quarter forecast of your revenue, sales, or other specified data
  • Five to seven leading indicators specific to your business
  • Three-year projections for over 40 US markets
  • "Forecast 101" educational webinar

What's Next?

Let ITR Economics help you make your next move with EVP Flex!