EVP Flex

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Let ITR Economics help you make your next move with EVP Flex!

ITR Economics EVP Flex™

EVP Flex

EVP Flex, from ITR Economics™

ITR Economics brings youthe newest program in our Consultative Services: the EVP Flex!

Our consulting services have been used by hundredsof business owners, directors, and management personnel for years in their decision-making process. In our mission of providing the best economic intelligence available, we have revised the format of your report. EVP Flex is a powerful tool that reaches across many different management tiers and delivers more actionable Management Objectives™.

EVP Flex features:

  • Expert Economist Assigned to Your Account for Consulting Throughout the Year
  • 12-Quarter Forecast of Your Revenue
  • 5-7 Leading Indicators Specific to Your Business
  • Three Year Projections for Over 40 US Markets
  • Forecast 101 Educational Webinar