ITR Economics DataCast™

DataCast, from ITR Economics™

Introducing ITR Economics DataCast, a data analysis tool that puts YOU in the driver’s seat, letting you plot your company’s data against 10,000 indicators found in ITR Economics’ database - in real time! This new hands-on experience will increase your understanding of where you have been and where you are going in relation to the market. DataCast is simple – but powerful. 1. Upload your company’s data. 2. Choose from suggested indicators or pick your own. 3. Review the findings that include correlation and lead/lag time to the indicator. DataCast puts the power of data analysis into your hands. Unlike other tools, DataCast guides you to pertinent indicators by showing you indicators with the closest correlation first. With DataCast, you can isolate whether internal or external forces are influencing company trends, compare your Rate-of-Change to ITR Economics’ robust database, and gain valuable insight into the relationship you have to markets that impact your business. Additionally, a subscription to DataCast gives you access to the ITR Economics Trends Report with over 50 forecasts for major markets within the United States.

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DataCast features:

  • Access & build your reports autonomously, at any time
  • Shift easily between any internal data set you upload
  • Generate and export easy-to-interpret charts and graphs
  • One-Hour Consultation with an ITR Economics Analyst
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