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California business leaders looking to position their companies for a profitable future need a reliable resource to inform and support the high-stakes decision-making that comes with the territory. Thanks to ITR Economics' various economic services you will have key insights, analyses, and strategies to assist in your overall business vision and goals, at your fingertips. Our main objective at ITR is providing the best economic intelligence, which we accomplish through our industry-leading publications, insightful speakers and decision-enabling economic consulting services.


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Featured Product: DataCast™

This data-analysis tool enables you to chart a clear path forward, empowered with a better understanding of where your company has been and where it is going within your markets. Plot your company's data against the 10,000 leading indicators found in the ITR Economics database – in real time! Through this hands-on experience, you will understand the events impacting your business and make use of reliable intelligence as you evaluate marketing initiatives.