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Catherine Putney

Catherine Putney

Catherine Putney

Speaker and Economist

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University of New Hampshire

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Catherine Putney specializes in applied research for business cycle trend analysis, growth-cycle trend analysis, and implementing cyclical analysis at the practical, company level. She holds a master’s degree in economics from the University of New Hampshire.

Catherine regularly contributes articles to ITR Economics’ flagship publication, the ITR Trends Report™, focusing on the manufacturing sector of the US economy. Catherine and the ITR team have put this expertise to work for companies across a wide range of industries, including manufacturing, chemicals, fibers, healthcare, distribution, real estate, construction, and technology.


Carolyn Leary, Vice President of Strategic Partnerships and Programs of Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce

"I had the chance to sit in for the duration of Catherine’s presentation, and found her not only very accessible, but energetic and so well-spoken. Looking forward to the opportunity to partner again in the future."


Christine Mangan, Director of Operations of Massachusetts Staffing Association

"Catherine was an amazing and engaging speaker who really knows and understands the pulse of the staffing industry. She was an irreplaceable addition to our conference, and we’re thankful she was a part of our day!"


Carolyn Leary, Vice President of Strategic Partnerships and Programs of Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce

"Catherine Putney did a great job at our recent Economic Forecast event for Chamber board and committee members and other leaders and investors in the greater Manchester business community. Her insight into the trends and expectations for the year ahead are invaluable as our members strategize on how they can grow and expand their businesses in 2018. Partnering with ITR Economics on events like these brings great value to Manchester Chamber members."

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