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ITR Economics Is Helping Private Equity Firms, Corporations, Investors, and More

Looking to purchase a business or complete a merger? The Business Cycle should be a key factor as you make decisions on significant capital investments — how is your potential acquisition performing? What do the leading indicators say? Is now the ideal time to buy? ITR Economics has the answers to your questions.

Economic insights combined with actionable guidance from our expert economists will give your firm the edge over the competition.

Insights for Buying a Business
Insights for Buying a Business
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Forecasting the market

We advise Investment Banks, Private Equity Firms, and Venture Capitalists of market conditions via our consultations and market forecasts. PE Firms often buy in sectors that are new territory to them. ITR Economics can provide a forecast and advice regarding the conditions and viability of the target market.

Forecasting your potential acquisition

Our program includes a consultation with a business economist to discuss how we will go about forecasting the target company’s sales. We then conduct an analysis and develop a 12-quarter forecast of the company’s sales. When the forecast is complete, we walk you through the findings and the key inputs that are driving the outlook. Should you decide to proceed with the acquisition, our economist will meet with the target company’s management team and walk them through the inputs, outlook, and any positive or negative risks to the forecast.

Building your strategy

Quarterly executive leadership consultations with our economists can provide the clarity of understanding the economic conditions; from there, both your company and the target company build a strategic plan.

Uniquely Qualified

Why choose ITR Economics?

“Alan, Brian, and the ITR team have provided Riverside with insightful thoughts on the global economy for years. They help provide a macroeconomic view, which is important because our small businesses would not normally have access to this kind of analysis. Their entertaining style and natural rapport have helped them understand our firm and tailor their content to our needs. Their broad outside perspective is another important tool that helps us make companies bigger and better.” - Stewart Kohl, Co-CEO - The Riverside Company

"Our point analyst was keen to better understand as much about the business as he could before diving into the analysis, and we appreciated his curiosity and interest in the details. His report was delivered to us in a matter of weeks and he paired it with a phone consultation to ensure we understood the key takeaways and to answer open questions. He acted less like a third party advisor and more like an extension of our own team."

"Brian knocked it out of the park! Some of the highest marks from our whole State of M&A event. Informative, insightful...Brian really brings both the art and science together to help you easily understand the future and why! If you are looking for a speaker for your next event, I can’t recommend Brian any higher! Thank you." - Scott M. Bushkie, Managing Partner and Founder - Cornerstone Business Services, Inc.

Our 2019 overall Company Forecast Accuracy was 92.19% five quarters into the future.

Broken down by industry below.

Machinery - 93.3%

Industrial Automation - 92.1%

Construction - 94.4%

Building Materials - 89.1%

Mechanical Or Industrial Engineering - 95.1%

Wholesale - 95.5%

Mining & Metals - 88.6%

Electrical/Electronic Manufacturing - 91.2%

With our Data-Driven Approach, you get a reliable, third-party outlook on either the target market or the target company's expected performance over the next 12 quarters. Our forecast accuracy — 94.7% at four quarters out — is unparalleled.

Our team of business economists have cultivated a comprehensive understanding of how economic trends impact business operations. They become your trusted advisors; you can lean on them for guidance as you assess the potential investment and as you manage the business moving forward.



Since 1948, we have provided business leaders with economic information, insight, analysis, and strategy. ITR Economics is the oldest privately held, continuously operating economic research and consulting firm in the US. With a knowledge base that spans six decades, we have an uncommon understanding of long-term economic trends as well as best practices ahead of changing market conditions. Our reputation is built on accurate, independent, and objective analysis.