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Case Studies

Kenneth Brown has over 20 years of senior executive management experience in industrial manufacturing and software companies. In his previous role as Group President, it was determined that gaining a clear and accurate forecast was critical to his group of companies’ ability to wisely invest and constrain spending. ITR Economics’ 12-quarter services provided the accurate, reliable insights the firm needed.

Sekisui Kydex utilizes ITR Economics Trends Report™ and DataCast™ subscriptions to support internal forecasting and planning. ITR’s services have enabled the company to move from a short-term, tactical approach to a long-term, strategic approach, which has led to increased growth and less susceptibility to the normal ups and downs in the business cycle.


"Taylor St. Germain spoke to the group of CEOs I lead and was very impressive.  He came well prepared with a PowerPoint presentation that covered local, national and world views on the economy.  Prior to his presentation Taylor and I had a phone call which helped focus his presentation toward the areas of interest to my CEO members.  I would recommend him for an intimate or keynote presentation."

-Peter Michaels, Business Coach

"The presentation today was excellent and the two speakers were impactful. The ITR methodology is a must learn and use for any business. Keeping track of your rates of change and monthly moving averages and charting them is an excellent tool for being prepared for whatever comes your way! My first exposure to Alan and ITR was the day after Obama was elected. I can honestly say that they helped save our business during the 2008 great Duression (Depression and Recession)."


"Alex, I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for your presentation last week… I’ve seen a number of economists deliver programs in the past, but none of them really connected with the audience like you. From the shaping of your messages so that it was understandable and relevant to our members - to the delivery in an engaging and entertaining manner differentiated you from the others.  Feedback from our members was very positive with some saying best speakers yet!"

-Thomas S. Passek, President

"Catherine was excellent. She took economic complexity and translated it into understandable and actionable information for our sales team."

-Petra Schaefer

"The Trends Report is an excellent source of information for me to assist in planning for the next 12-18 months. I look forward to renewing the subscription - how can I live without it now?  Thanks for everything."

-Michael E. Mader, Vice PResident/Wealth Advisor

"We really enjoyed Alex’s presentation. He was very upbeat and brought a lot of excitement to what could be a pretty dry subject."

"My company booked Connor for an Insulation contractors and suppliers conference of 150 people. He made sure he specialized his presentation to pertain to those attending our conference.  He presented on “Managing in an Uncertain Economy” –Everyone and I mean EVERYONE in the room was engaged… did I mention it was 9am in the morning!  Connor was funny, professional, seamless and was extremely knowledgeable on this topic. I had so many attendees come up to me asking when he could come back! As someone who plans events for a living, having this kind of reaction is what I strive for. We will DEFINITLEY be calling Connor to come speak at a future conference!"

-Allison Wieland

"Every year, Alan’s presentation is the most highly anticipated of our Industry Summit. His forecasts for the power transmission/motion control market and for the industrial markets our members sell into give our members an accurate and trusted projection they can use in their planning throughout the supply chain. An added bonus is always Alan’s wit and humor and well as his ability to translate complex economic principles into relatable and actionable recommendations."

-Ann Arnott, Executive Vice President/CEO

"Connor does a very good job of connecting with his audience and can take something complicated and communicate it in a very simple way. I have already recommended Connor to colleagues. ITR gave us a good perspective of the macro economy over the next 3 – 5 years and the micro economy which we found very beneficial to our real estate company.  Our executive team found the information very valuable when it comes to developing our strategies on a go forward basis."

-Paul Ciminelli, President & CEO

"Alan was fantastic.  I’ve been absolutely blown away by the feedback I’ve received from our guests.  As expected, Alan had the entire room laughing, while keeping everyone engaged the entire time.  I can’t wait to see Alan in the future."

-Brian Blaushild, VP of Business Development

"We loved the presentation Lauren provided our chapter. The content was delivered in a great way to clearly understand what is happening Globally, Nationally, and Locally. Lauren is a great presenter of this info and those that attended gained some great value and takeaways....Would love to have her back next year."

-Matt Altman, Co-founder & CEO

"We have had Alan Beaulieu as a featured speaker at several of our association annual meetings.  Time and time again, Alan delivers a well prepared and informative presentation.  He is a charismatic speaker and keeps the audience engaged.  His information is detailed and relevant, offering insights to help the group understand the complexities of the economy.  We get rave reviews each and every time Alan speaks at our meeting and are very grateful for the knowledge he so graciously shares.  Alan is outstanding!"

-Marla Popkin, Director of Meetings

"Once again Alan gave a great presentation to our Canadian delegates. I am always amazed and how much his presentation is tailored to our members and to the Canadian market. Over the years has proven to be very accurate. In our conference survey Alan received the highest score among the speaker program. Alan always takes a relative dry subject and adds humor and wisdom to bring it home to our members."

-Rick McCarten, Vice President

"I have attended this event every year since 2014. It is always relevant and I always take away some actionable items. Alan and Connor are a great team, and seeing the generational transition occur on the dais is perfectly fitting for a Center program."


"Alan, I just wanted to formally thank you for last night.  The evening went absolutely perfectly.  I know you couldn’t do it without your team and I wanted to compliment everyone for their professionalism, flexibility, responsiveness and attention to the details."

-Brian Blaushild, VP of Business Development

"Brian, as always, it was such a pleasure spending time with you and you were a tremendous hit once again with our attendees, many of them citing your presentation as the most valuable component of the convention!"

-Liz Richards, CEO

"Connor Lokar has become the main attraction at our industry Marketing and Economic Summit. He does an outstanding job of reviewing the macro environment and address key leading indicators influencing the industry. His presentations are a blend of the highly technical, with an appropriate balance of humor making them both informative and entertaining to the audience. We welcome Connor each year the Summit is conducted."

-Jeff Henry, Executive Director

"Further, I wanted you to know that Alex did an outstanding job. He delivered his content with authority and engaged his audience. Well done."

-Glen Long, Senior Vice President

"Alan Beaulieu has a standing annual keynote for Barnes Dennig for 10+ years. This event is highly anticipated by our clients and friends in the Cincinnati Tristate area, attracting over 600 attendees. He goes beyond our expectations and with his unmatched combination of keen economic insight, accuracy and humor. We already look forward to his return in 2020! "

-Beth M. Nelson, Marketing Communications Coordinator

"Connor Lokar delivered a compelling speech "Navigating the crest: Acute insights for improved decision-marking" at the Vistage All City Event Houston. As a business owner, I was not only impressed by his knowledge and insight on the subject matter, but also appreciate his presentation style with quick wit and sense of humor. He's definitely wise beyond his years and I would highly recommend him as a featured speaker for your future events."

-Jing Johnson, President

"I have known Alan for years and heard him speak on numerous occasions. Each time there is real relevance and take-home value in the data and the insights. He is a great presenter and spot on with predictions.We will have him back again to keep us updated"

-Tim Fixmer, CEO

"We again had a record attendance for Brian's presentation. Half of the room has heard him before and came back for more. The other half have indicated the presentation far exceeded their expectations. This is not a boring statistical slideshow. Brian speaks to our region specifically and our 90 minutes always goes too quickly."

-Stephanie Hall, CEO

"Alex, it was a pleasure working with you for our meeting last month. Your rodeo story was a big hit with our guys!"

-Danie Diehlmann, Director of Communications


"Brian has been presenting to our group since 2008 – he holds the top 5 spots in our speaker rankings (out of 171).  I think he enjoys speaking to our members as much as our members enjoy hearing him!"

-Renee Merker, Director of Communications and Events

"Connor Lokar was a speaker at Houston's Vistage All City event. He was incredible....He is the smartest young person I know! He was very impressive, new the facts, made the audience laugh multiple times (about his age), was a subject expert and was ready to take on any questions the audience of 400+ had for him. I was very impressed and could tell he was passionate and loved what he did. I would love to hear him talk again and would recommend him!"

-Deborah Gross, Vice President of Business Development

"Lauren Saidel-Baker recently delivered a presentation to my Women Presidents' Organization at the Yale Club in Manhattan. Lauren was excellent in every respect. Her discussion of economic trends was comprehensive, easy to understand and impactful for the audience of women business owners. Lauren is extremely facile at reading her audience and responding to their needs. Her extensive knowledge and experience in economics was evident as she handled a variety of questions with ease. I highly recommend Lauren Saidel-Baker."

-Diane McIlree, Chapter Chair

"We would like to thank [Lauren Saidel-Baker] sincerely for speaking at the Home Builders & Remodelers meeting at The Atlantic Design Center in York. The feedback has been wonderful. They all enjoyed learning about the vision of ITR’s economic trends and how accurate you have been during the years. You caught everybody’s attention with your great enthusiasm and knowledge. Thank  you for a job well done and for keeping your information interesting and informative."

-Margareta Claesson, Shoroom Consultant/Marketing

"Brian, just a short note of personal thanks for participating in our ASI Conference last week. I'd have to say the response to your presentation was overwhelmingly positive; everyone appreciated the content and your delivery, even your candid comments about the looming crisis late in the next decade."

-Dick Motley, Director

"I wanted to pass along my thanks and appreciation to Brian Beaulieu for participating in the 2019 PMPA Update Conference in Phoenix last month.  As usually, Brian hit it out of the park – we received a lot of great feed back on his presentation.  Brian does such a great job focusing his numbers and presentation around our Industry, and our members truly appreciate that."

-Renee Merker, Director Communications and Events

"Taylor St. Germain provided a very insightful and engaging presentation for our legislative conference this past November.  Our audicance found his overview of current economic conditions along with his insights for what is ahead both relevant and thoughtful. Overall Taylor was well spoken and provided a nice balance of information, humor, and clear take-aways.

-Tyler Emerick, President

"On behalf of the Board of the CDRA, I want to thank you, Alex, for your excellent presentation at our Annual Meeting. Heard several good reports about your talk, even if it wasn’t the rosy picture they wanted to hear. Still, better to be accurate!"

-William Turley, Executive Director

"Alan has become our most anticipated program over the last couple of years.  He delivered and did a wonderful job for our group again this year."

-Glenn Rex, Executive Vice President

"Alan was his “usual” awesome for the tenth consecutive year addressing a sellout crowd at The Economic Club of Grand Rapids.  His content, accuracy, presentation style and humor offer it all, hence so many invitations to return.  We already have him secured for our Economic Outlook 2021 program!"

-Lorna Schultz, Executive Director

"Alan and Connor did an outstanding job at our recent Economic Forecast event.  Their presentation was both informative and entertaining. We are grateful that they always provide such a memorable, impactful program for our members. We look forward to this event every year, and the feedback is always very positive."

-Carol Butler, President

"Connor was very well received at both of our conventions in January. Our audience was very impressed with his knowledge and delivery."

-Keesha Hargis, Director of Marketing and Communications

"Lauren was an excellent and popular speaker to our annual meeting. ITR’s research was comprehensive and insightful to our industry. Our members were eager to get a copy of the presentation afterwards. It was a lot of information, but Lauren’s practiced charisma and strong pace helped the audience stay focused and get the most out of it. She also did a great job handling questions and engaging with our members one-on-one after her presentation. We will strongly consider having her back at a future event."

-Marshall Bradshaw, Manager of Member Services

"I have followed Brian and Alan Beaulieu and their organization, ITR Economics, for years. We have used their forecasts in our business planning, since the first summit I attended, over 10 years ago."


"The feedback on Brian was terrific.  We expected Brian to have great economic information and how SPI and people individually fit into.  What many people told me is that they did not expect Brian to be so engaging and entertaining while he delivered the material.  He was in a tough timeslot at the end of the first day when people were getting tired but he really nailed it."

-Jon Perry

"I’ve seen Alan Beaulieu several years now and he’s always delivered valuable information in a very engaging way. I wasn’t sure about adding another person to the mix on stage, but I was pleasantly surprised with what Connor was able to bring to the presentation. The millennial perspective, both from himself and from the millennial impact that we all need to consider, was enlightening."


"Great presentation. Informative, specific (enough) and entertaining. Mr. Lokar adds a great complimentary presence and perspective to Alan’s information."


"With a mixed audience of physicians and business professionals, Alan provided economic data and forecasts that were clearly understood and relevant from both an industry and personal standpoint.  Also, his style of delivery was entertaining and engaging while at the same time keeping his message on point with the theme of the event."

-Warren Forgey, President/CEO

"Please thank Brian for us and let him know how much everyone enjoyed his presentation.  He was the talk of the conference - informative and entertaining.  We appreciate his contribution to the success of our annual meeting very much.  All our thanks and respect."  

-Michael J. Conaton, Managing Partner

"Had the privilege to hear Connor at the AFFLINK Engage 2020 meetings in Phoenix a few weeks ago. He follows closely in the footsteps of ITR Economics leader Alan Beaulieu in presenting economic data, that is critical for assessing where our businesses are and how to position them for the future, in a clear and accessible manner. Humor also helps and both Connor and Alan bring that in spades."

-Andrew Hartman, President/CEO

"Catherine Putney was a success at the Vistage Florida meetings.  She was a really knowledgeable speaker who provided an awesome presentation with excellent content.  She was able to cover a lot of information in a short amount of time, but in a way, where she made the data understandable."

-Attendee of a Recent Vistage Event

"Alan hit a home run, as usual! A perfect NAW speaker rating is 1.0.  Alan’s rating this year was a near-perfect 1.07, the highest rated speaker at our Summit. A number of our attendees, when asked what they most enjoyed about the meeting, mentioned Alan and his economic presentation.  One noted, “Alan Beaulieu hands down.  Very entertaining and great information.”  Another noted Alan had the “greatest take home information.” Year after year, Alan is our highest rated presenter and we are so thankful to have him on our program!"

-Trish Lilly, Senior Vice President-thought Leadership

"Alan Beaulieu, in addition to being HIGHLY informative was funnier than a lot of stand-up comedians!"

-Attendee of a recent NAW event

"We were thrilled with Alan’s presentation. The professionalism from start to finish in working with ITR Economics for DOMOTEX USA 2020 was top notch. Alan’s content was incredibly timely, relevant, and enjoyable from start to finish. Feedback from our exhibitors and attendees was overwhelmingly positive and we hope to have him back for a future event!"

-Donna Busse, Show Director

"Alan is an engaging, thought-provoking presenter.  His expert knowledge of the economic data is paired brilliantly with his wit and sense of humor.  He has an ability to take the audience on a journey through an abstract topic and makes it tangible.  A great education during 90 minutes well-spent."

-Scott MacMeans, Marketing Manager

"The information and presentation provided by Lauren with ITR was fantastic. Our CEO and business owner community found it to be very relevant and timely information. Virtually everyone we got feedback from gave it a two thumbs up. The insights and perspective were clear, concise and presented in a manner that layman could understand. Lauren did a terrific job of communicating the message with clarity, poise and confidence. She clearly has great command and deep understanding of the concepts, content and facts related to the various economic paradigms represented. Very well done!"

- Drew Hiss, Founder and CEO


Since 1948, we have provided business leaders with economic information, insight, analysis, and strategy. ITR Economics is the oldest privately held, continuously operating economic research and consulting firm in the US. With a knowledge base that spans six decades, we have an uncommon understanding of long-term economic trends as well as best practices ahead of changing market conditions. Our reputation is built on accurate, independent, and objective analysis.